Housing for Homeless Veterans

Donate today! Our $5,000. jump-start initial goal for JDFC Veterans housing campaign, helping to house, feed and clothe 60 Los Angeles County in-need homeless Veterans.


JDFC VETERANS AFFAIRS, a certified nonprofit 501(c)3, founded by Pastor James Jacobs, a Vietnam Veteran in 2002, is partnering with LA based Veterans Organizations, Municipalities and Community Charities to acquire New Housing Opportunities for our in-need homeless Veterans, both men & women.


Currently we are seeking $1.5M. for New Properties with Facilities to house, feed and clothe 60 Los Angeles County in-need homeless Veterans. Our Goal for each Veteran is to have a private room with shower & bath, kitchen facilities and rides to the VA for medical care.  All donations will be used for acquiring Veterans housing, meals, maintaining facilities, operations, staffing and transportation assistance.


JDFC VETERANS AFFAIRS is committed to transparency and accountability for our supportive Veterans housing programs & advocacy to strengthen quality of care. We believe all Veterans deserve access to their benefits for housing, education, mental & physical healthcare and we see this as our mission.


Please make your donation today, supporting to change the life of an in-need homeless Veteran to one of hope and dignity again. Your gift amount is tax deductible.

Contact Us

55 East Villa Street

Pasadena, CA 91103

Mailing Address:

P.O Box 91123

Pasadena, CA 91109


jdfc@feedlacounty.com or 



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