Our Field Representatives are dedicated to making our grassroots charity such a valuable community resource. We work together with municipalities, community leaders and local citizens in raising awareness of LA County's under-served Individuals, Families, Veterans, Elderly, Disabled and the Homeless.

Pastor Jerry Lacey, Executive Board Member

Pastor Lacey has a passion for Christ and enjoys fulfilling his mission to help those who are in need.  

Dave Chase, Chief Operations Officer

Dave believes that life has meaning when you can give back to those in need. He fundraisers to take the opportunity to educate others about the cause.

Elsa Alvarez, Team Member

Elsa has a passion for working with people. She believes that we cant truly say we have lived unless we have served. She enjoying working with the less fortunate and educate others as to how they too can get involved. 

Barney, Team Member

Barney enjoys fundraising for and speaking out for the cause. He is always eager to provide information to those who are willing to listen. He has a passion for helping others and would like to continue helping those in need. 

Alfred G.T Waitkueit, Team Member

Alfred believes you have to give in order to receive. He enjoys serving others and assisting the less fortunate so they can to have a better quality of life. 

Gerald Dedrick, Team Member

Gerald enjoys giving back and he shares his time with other organizations fundraising to help those in need.  Gerald believes that since someone lent him a hand, he'd like to return the favor.  

Christopher Moss, Team Member

​Christopher donates his time so that he can assist others. He believes in showing compassion can change others thoughts and fears. He fund raises as an effort to educate those who oppose the efforts.  

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Shelia Gibson, Team Member

Shelia Gibson has been a volunteer with the organization for 10 years. Shelia enjoys fundraising, working with families and her ambition is to work in a residential facility assisting women to increase they're life skills and better their quality of life.  Her smile uplifts those who are around her and her life experiences help to provide hope to others who are caught in the struggle. 

Tony Long, Team Member

​Tony believes that helping others is his true calling and he fund raises to educate and empower other to help the cause. 

Andre Hamilton, Team Member

​Andre believes that everyone deserves a chance at a better life and no one should go hungry. He fund raises in order to be able to serve those who would otherwise go hungry. 

James Miles, Team Member

​James believes that life has no meaning unless you can give to those who are in need.  He fund raises to take the opportunity to educate others about the cause. 

Kevin Wilson, Team Member

Kevin has been a volunteer fundraiser with the Organization for about 8 years. Kevin continues to reach out to the public for their assistance with helping to house and feed the homeless. Kevin remains as eager as ever to discuss the issues that the county is facing and offers his assistance whenever needed. 

Michael Daniels, Team Member

​Michael has been a volunteer fundraiser for about 7 years. Michael believes that if you give from your heart you can impact many. He gives his time to the less fortunate lending an ear and serving. He enjoys listening to the many stories of those in need and offer hope that there is a better tomorrow. He finds it rewarding educating the general public as to the cause and continues to put forth an effort to help end hunger. 

Fredrick Jacobs, Team Member

Fredrick has been working with JDFC Feeding LA County since 2002 and continue to find it rewarding fundraising and serving those in need during the holiday's. Fredrick also founded "Willing Vessel" in which helps those in need in the State of Georgia. Fredrick comes from a family in which provided charity to the community in Los Angeles, so he finds what he does a contribution to those who are no longer here to do so. 

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The next time you speak with one of Our Official Representatives, please let them know how you would like to help support our outreach services!  We always appreciate volunteers!


If you would like to join our outreach & fundraising team, please email your contact information, resume, daytime phone number to jdfc@feedlacounty.com or jdfcfeedlacounty.com. You may also send in submissions  via our Contact Page.    


If you are approached by anyone other than a representative listed here, please document the encounter with pictures, names and location and immediately call local law enforcement.

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